Dodging: Dodge Master, Adrenaline, Ninja Garb, Hero Bonuses / Skills

Sometimes you get hit and “dodge” - you don’t take any damage, and if you are using the NecroShield Suit, the aura is retained (however, IIRC you can get stunned)

There are a few things that contribute towards the chances of this

  • A base dodge chance - I estimate this to be approx 5%
  • Ninja Garb - +7%
  • Dodge Master perk - +10% each
  • Adrenaline - max +25% proportional to damage taken (e.g. +5% at 80% health and +20% at 20% health)
  • All-Hero Bonuses: Mr. AutoFire and JackBot both have +5% at Level 20 and then again at Level 50
  • Hero Specific bonuses (e.g. Firebug +10% at Level 40) and Skills (Mortis and Prospero have 1% in two places of the skill tree… pfft)

Note that the maximum dodge chance is capped at 50%

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