2021 December Endless Boss for Poison Heroes (721+)

I was up against LBM (one of the best players in the game and the only other player at Level 60 that I know of) for this event and needed another good run, and went with Dr. Toxic (5*/39) over Miasma (4*/59) because his previous score was the lowest. After a few poor runs, I was able to get “god mode” again, and these are the perks I ended up with:

I got Flamethrower, Gun Heart, Improved Ice, Buckshot, Titan Armour and Dodge Master from hidden treasures, and Poison, Big Attack Up, and Big Attack Speed Up from the merchant.

I reached 25 (the max level) at Room 671 and started recording when there was ~15 minutes to the end of the event, and had to end by suiciding :cry: - this build was probably good enough to cross 1000 again