Balancing Gear for Weapons

The game “balances” the weapon damage and speed so that their damage/second is x1.5 ~ x1.6 of Loadout Attack (the Gemini Laser was in that range before it was buffed in 1.9.8, now is a little higher, perhaps to compensate for the lower hit rate)

This is good because ideally every weapon should be playable, with a bonus for premium weapons.

However, because of the way Gear Damage is calculated, the faster guns - i.e. Autogun, Looper and Gemini Laser (although it doesn’t shoot rapidly it fires 2 projectiles and a laser link so the effective rate is higher) - have a huge advantage.

Fast guns enjoy other benefits (will post about them separately) but Gear is a fundamental part of the game play and should be balanced for all weapons.

My current-best proposal is to add the Gear Damage before multiplying the Loadout Attack by the Gun multiplier, instead of after