Champion Match (sort of PVP)

When someone does well in the Tournament, it’s hard to know if it’s because they had a better load out, had a run of perks, or actually were better players.

Here’s an idea to put it to the test - the last completed run of the tournament winner is made available to the players in that league in the following week; they get the exact same load out (weapon, armour, gear, permanent upgrades, all-hero bonus, battle pass bonuses, skill tree etc) that the winner did, and the competition is to see who can complete the run in the shortest time.

Few details:

  • Should have an additional prize for this
  • The winner can also compete
  • Could either leave the perks random (in which case Hidden Treasures / Mystery crates could also be random) or can have them be identical to the winner’s run to eliminate the RNG from the competition (in which case any boosts from Hidden Treasures and perks from Mystery Crates should also be matched)

This would also be good for players to experience heroes, weapons and armour that they normally don’t play with


U should have a sort of calculator of your power based on equipement Level of the charter and Level of the account and make The pvp in base of this…for example of u have festina lvl 20 your lvl is 20 and u have rare equipement your Power Level is 100 and for example. Lvl 40 frostina equipement lvl 40 exalted and account Level 40 your Total power is 1000