Cole Carbo

Cole Carbo is a Premium (60 Shards to unlock) Fire Hero introduced in 2.4

Cole is built to be the most powerful hero in the game:

  • He has the highest base attack of any hero - my 2*/66 Cole has 3090 attack, the next highest is 5*/66 Firebug at 2816 - that’s including all the Attack skills in Firebug’s Skill Tree and without any Attack perks in Cole’s.
    • These numbers are just for the hero; with my level 80 Looper it’s 5603 for Cole and 5500 for Firebug
    • High base attack doesn’t necessarily mean the highest DPS; My 5*/66 Scorcher at low health will have more DPS but it’s riskier playing him that way
  • His Passive skill is Carbonise: “instantly kill enemies that have low health” - when you play him you will see a orange segment in the enemies health bar, and you only have to damage them till that point. “Low Health” is 15%, so this increases his effective strength by 17.6%
  • He has the Rampage skill tree - when that is active (for 4 seconds at 2 star) his shooting speed increases by 60% and his defences are doubled (he will take 50% of the damage he would when Rampage is not active).
  • His hero-specific level bonuses all increase attack:
    • 10: Attack +150
    • 30: Attack +200
    • 40: Attack Speed +10%
    • 60: Critical Damage +25%
    • 70: Critical Chance +10%
    • 80: Attack Speed +15%

The cons:

  • His all-hero bonuses (Level 20/50) are both Damage Resistance +60, which is nearly useless - at difficult levels this is rarely going to be enough to let you take another hit before dying


  • Should you unlock him? As with all premium items, it depends on how much you can afford to spend on the game. Unless you have a lot of Recruitment Posters, it’s going to be expensive (details) - If your budget is tight, I would recommend the following premium gear as being more useful than unlocking him: Smart Minigun, Emergency Shell, Sim Chip, Plaster and Metal Detector
  • Weapon to use: Smart Minigun, Looper or Auto Handgun - a fast gun will give the best benefit from the Carbonise skill
  • Skill Tree path: For most players, choose the path that gives more Attack. But for high level players (over level 60) who don’t plan to make him the last hero for the Dark Castle, the other path (3% Attack Speed and 2% Critical Chance) may be better - can share more details on this if you are interested. I’m still undecided about using Gym Passes to take him to 3*, but if I do I’ll probably again go with the 2% Critical Chance path
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