Elemental Armor

Elemental Armor is a premium armor that boosts the damage of elemental perks (Ice, Zap, Poison, Fire, and their improved versions; possibly also Dr. Toxic’s Venom, Mortis’ Plague Cloud, Fursus’ Iceplosion and Arctor’s Freeze)

The boost depends on the rarity of the armor:

Rarity Bonus
Common 20%
Uncommon 25%
Rare 30%
Epic 35%
Legendary 40%
Mythical 45%
Exalted 50%
Deluxe 55%
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Maybe it works also with Mortis and Fursus ability?

I think it will work for them and Arctor’s Freeze. Not able to test it myself :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but would appreciate if someone can test it and report back (very easy to check - record a few rooms with and without the armour and see if the elemental damage numbers are boosted). A slow gun like Laser Rifle is best as there’s less clutter

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The best is that the elemental damage is colored… Red for fire green for poison purple for electro and blu or light blue for ice damage… So u can see it clear on the screen

I think that’s a great idea and made a post here.

I would suggest you send it in as feedback to LH directly as well (in the past they gave out rewards for suggestions they liked; not sure if they still do that :roll_eyes:)