Elemental Damage bug

It was announced in 1.11 that Fire and Poison perks were buffed

Sometime later, possibly as early as 1.12, most elemental damage (including Arctor’s Freeze and Fursus’ Iceplosion, probably also Dr. Toxic’s Venom and Mortis’ Plague) doubled. I was thinking it was all elemental damage but it seems that Improved Zap isn’t impacted (so I need to double check all improved versions)

Of course, it could’ve been a silent buff, but I doubt it because

  • Why would the 1.11 buff be announced and the next be silent?
  • The doubling occurs after rounding down (e.g. With Loadout Attack of 4511, 5% Ice damage is 225.55, rounded down to 225; double that is 450 (which is what I see) whereas if it was buffed to 10% I would expect to see 451)

Update: As of 2.1.1, Fire and Poison do not have the bug (maybe has been fixed?); Ice and Flamethrower still have the bug. Have not retested the others yet

Hi Sifan, I found a bug. When I tried to play Thermal Thursday after I clicked several times, I lost 10 energy did not enter the game and lost 2 chances to enter Thermal Thursday.

Unfortunately I am not able to help on matters like this - you should submit a support ticket (Gear icon at top right, then Help at bottom right)

Might take a while for Support to get back to you on this though…