Emergency Shell

The Emergency Shell is a premium armor that, every time you get hit (regardless of whether you actually take damage or proc a dodge) clears all the projectiles on the screen and activates a shield.

The duration of the shield depends on the rarity of the armor:

Rarity Duration (s)
Common 1.0
Uncommon 1.2
Rare 1.4
Epic 1.6
Legendary 1.8
Mythical 2.0
Exalted 2.2
Deluxe 2.4


  • Even without the emergency shell, you normally have a brief immunity from further damage, which is why, for example, in the Ice Castle angel room where there is a hidden treasure behind a mine, you only need to take damage from 1 mine to get it
  • As of 2.4.x, you get a shield icon above the player when the Shell’s shield is active for heroes with the shield skill tree (e.g. Fursus) - and it looks like the skill tree bar doesn’t progress while the shield is active, which will hopefully be fixed in the future.