Fast Learner

The amount of progress you make towards levelling up in each room is random, with the figures calibrated so that a full run generally gets you to Level 11 in a Campaign (30 room worlds), Castle (20 rooms), Tournament (20 rooms) or Daily Event (20 rooms) run, but it can rarely get to 12

On 12 room worlds (Space Station, Vile Temple and the Weekend Boss Run) you usually (always?) get 12, but I don’t recall getting 13.

Because of the random nature, even without Fast Learner you can’t predict in which room exactly you will get each perk - so when Fast Learner gives a bonus on the progress, it’s not easy to predict how many extra perks it will give you

Still trying to figure out how it works after the 1.11 buff, provisionally this is what I have:

When taken Number of Perks (Before 1.11) After 1.11
Starting Perk 13 guaranteed, rarely 14 14 guaranteed, rarely 15
Level 2 12 guaranteed, 13 almost certain 14 guaranteed
Level 3 12 guaranteed, sometimes 13 Prediction: 13 guaranteed, sometimes 14
Level 4 12 guaranteed, rarely 13 Prediction: 13 guaranteed, rarely 14
Level 5-7 12 guaranteed Prediction: 13 guaranteed
Level 8 Usually 12, rarely 11 Prediction: 12 guaranteed, rarely 13
Level 9 Usually 11, rarely 12 Prediction: Usually 12
Level 10 11 Prediction: 11, rarely 12
Level 11 11 11

In deciding whether or not to take Fast Learner, remember that it’s not only about getting bonus perks (getting 14 means you get 2 extra perks, 13 means 1 extra, 12 means you break even), but also that you can get an extra health boost on the perk rolls (3 extra regen for 14, 2 for 13, 1 for 12) and you are typically getting perks a room earlier (which means you can use it for 1 more room than you otherwise would have)

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