Gemini Laser Buff in 2.5

The Gemini Laser has been buffed a few times since it was launched. In 2.5, it receives three major buffs:

  1. Starts with Piercing (like the Looper and Laser Rifle)
  2. Previously, taking Bouncy Walls (3 bounces) cancelled Small Bouncy (1 bounce) - now they stack and you get 4 bounces
  3. Firing rate increased (but with damage per shot reduced a little to keep things balanced) - because of the game’s bias towards fast guns
Damage per shot Firing Rate Damage / Second
Before 2.5 900/projectile; 1,800 for both;
+ link damage 900
0.9/s 810 (per projectile) + link damage
2.5 710/projectile; 1,420 for both;
+link damage 710
1.2/s 852 (per projectile) + link damage

Calculations are for a Loadout Attack of 1,000 and without any Gear, or Damage bonuses