Give options for paid BP/SBP rewards

Whenever you change the rewards on the BP/SBP, some players like it, some hate it - e.g. when you took out gems and replaced it with keys, it was great for players who would’ve used the gems to buy those keys (as they now got more keys than they would’ve previously) but pissed off many players because it took away the choice of what to spend the gems on.

What I’d suggest, to make the BP/SBP more appealing to more players (which presumably is what you want to do) is to give us a choice; for example;

  1. Get a gold key OR 450 gems; a summon key OR 375 gems - the players who want the key offered get it at a discount compared to buying the key, but players who would like to use the gems for something else have the option to do so
  2. Likewise wherever you offer N shards of a particular hero, you can give an alternative of 0.5 N Gym Passes
  3. As an alternative to elemental crystals, offer rainbow material
  4. As an alternative to Hero medals, offer 15 Rings for each Medal
  5. And this is the most important one - if you offer premium equipment, give a choice of a Epic kit (Gun if the item offered is a weapon, Tinkering for armour/gear) instead - so players who don’t want to dilute their loot pool can still get something worthwhile and are encouraged to keep buying rather than opt out

These choices can be limited to players who are on the gold track, and could be limited to only the gold track rewards, or even be extended to the free rewards (but only for the paying players)

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