Guilds Q&A

How many members can be in a Guild?
There can be up to twenty players in a single Guild. All members will have access to a chat system that will allow communication between all participants so you can get to know each other better.

Will there be any privacy settings for Guilds?
You will have the option to choose whether you want to attract local or international players to your group. When it comes to privacy settings, you can accept players automatically or ask them to request membership.

How much will it cost to play Guilds?
Guilds will be a free and optional addition to the Mr Autofire game that you can play alongside the single-player adventure. For players who want to form their own Guild, it will cost 500 Gems to set it up. The amount was set to prevent new Guilds from being formed and then quickly abandoned, which would fill up the boards. If you want to join an established Guild, all you have to do is send a request (if it’s a closed group) or join if anyone is allowed to join.

Are there any exclusive Guild prizes?
There’s a brand new Hero that can only be unlocked through playing Guilds. LH will be releasing a video showcasing their unique skills once 2.0 has officially launched. The new Ice Hero is called Lumina and brings with them the unique Perk of Acclimation, making it possible to deal more damage the longer you stay in the room.

How will the prize system work?
Players will need to take part in the Guild Events (Titan) to collect Trophies. The more Trophies collected as a team, the more Guild Coins you will be able to unlock. You can spend your Guild Coins at the Guild Shop on a prize of your choice. There’s also Guild Crate (packed with Guild Coins) which can be redeemed every week for teams that reach the mark.

When will the new update be out?
LH is doing some final last-minute testing (anyone who has the update now has been randomly selected for testing, and even that’s only on Android), but once they’re happy that everything works and there are no sneaky bugs, they’ll release it for all players.


Hi Sifaan. Thank you for the info. I assume you will be forming a guild? I am looking to join a guild that is serious about the objectives and from my knowledge about the game you are obviously a player that comes to mind. Please consider me when forming your group. I will send my player stats if required. Thanks for all the assistance.

Hi Chugs
I’m not organising a guild myself (I’m struggling for time even to manage the wiki without the overhead of running a guild) but have been invited to a guild and am waiting for the update to hit iOS.

That particular guild is for > Level 60 players; to connect about that, or to find another guild, I’d recommend you hop on to the Discord server: Mr. Autofire's Community Hub

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Good morning! I am also looking to join a serious Guild! If anyone would like to start one, please consider me as well! Currently I am at lvl 49. Thank you

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Does the Titan a ground enemy or a flying enemy?

Flying ranged. Best gear for guilds

  1. Sim chip + shield generator
  2. Iron sights / Scope + shield generator
  3. Sim chip + plaster
  4. Sim chip + scope/iron sights OR Iron sights / scope + plaster
  5. Iron sights + scope

Shield generator can proc, which is useful, but even otherwise it does more ranged damage than iron sights.