Need a "Low" graphics mode

A good Endless / Dark castle run can be destroyed by lag, even on reasonably powerful devices.

A solution is to offer a “Low” graphics mode - and this needs to be accessible from within a run, like the Music / SFX controls

This could include:

  1. Removing the enemy damage number displays (not only for performance but also because with a good perk build there’s so many numbers that we can’t even see the enemy anymore)
  2. Removing death perk animations (maybe just the “Stunned” text for Death Zap could remain)
  3. Drawing 50% (or sometimes 33% or 20%) of shots when the firing rate is high (with a fast gun + sustained fire there are so many shots on the screen that it’s anyway a blur - we don’t really need every shot drawn on screen (although you’d still need to calculate the path, so not sure how much this would save)
  4. Lower resolution assets - especially for the background and layout; also lava need not be animated
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