Perk List with perk grahics

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I would like a perk list with perk symbols against every perk name. It’s often very difficult to follow the posts if you don’t know all the English perk names because you speak a different language.

Something like that here in the wiki would be very helpful.

Thanks for your great work Sifaan


Hi Krah!
This is a great idea. I reached out to LH and asked if they can send me the artworks (since actually compiling them from screen shots is quite laborious) and they just confirmed they can do that for me. And also access the translation files so I can list them as well - so if you need to find a perk you can search for it on the list rather than scroll for the image


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Sooooo good! Thank you Sifaan and thank you LH too!

Happy, happy, joy, joy…

I’ve listed all the regular perks:
Latin alphabets
Other Alphabets

A couple of translations (Improved Sustained Fire and Improved Power Tripper) are still pending; I will also do a post with the Special perks (like Triple MultiShot) that only appear in certain game modes later

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