Ring Calculator

I made an Excel to track how many more rings I need to fully skill up my heroes. I’ve shared it here in case you want to try it out

How to use it

  1. For each hero, and for each star level, enter the current skill selection (M is for the middle choice, U for Up, D for Down) in the first table, and it will calculate how much you’ve invested in the Skill trees
  2. In H33 enter the available free rings, so it can calculate the total available rings
  3. In the lower table, enter the configuration you want to have, and it will calculate how much you need for that, and the shortfall compared to your current inventory

Note - the link is open for anyone to edit, so your changes can be over-written by someone else, and it can be messy if multiple people try to edit it at the same time :see_no_evil:. If you have Excel on your computer you should be able to download a copy and work on that instead.

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