Scattergun Review

The Scattergun is the newest gun, being added in update 3.1.0. It’s categorized as high damage, but slow attack speed. It shoots approximately once every 1.12 seconds, and since it starts with Double Barrel and Scattershot you’ll have 4 forward projectiles without any added perks. With homing as your first perk you’re almost guaranteed that the 4 shots will hit, doing massive damage. But, since it doesn’t start with Piercing Shots, and since its bullets are very fast, it will not have a lot of viability in endless runs, though if you manage to get Ghost Shots and Supermagnetism then it can be vicious. In my honest opinion Gemini Laser is still better than it, but it does beat out other guns such as the Smart Minigun and Looper Gun. Although, all its starting perks are ones that aren’t great though, for example, Looper Gun starts with Piercing Shots, so does Gemini Laser. And the Smart Minigun starts with Homing. The Scattergun only starts with Double Barrel, and its signature perk. Since Homing can become Super Homing, and Piercing Shots can become Ghost shots those perks have a lot of viablility, sadly, Double Barrel does not. That does not mean it’s a bad gun, it is in fact the opposite, it is a solid second best gun, and for some people it might even be their favorite.

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