Shield Generator

Shield Generator is a premium gear that fits in your Right hand gear slot, does damage against Ranged enemies, and gives you a chance of getting a safety bubble perk in a room - if it does proc you will get it at the start of the room, and then again for 2 seconds every 10 seconds (same as the Safety Bubble perk).
Note that taking the Safety Bubble perk seems to disable it - I’ve not noticed it proc’ing in parallel (e.g. twice every 10 seconds)

The chance of the shield proc’ing depends on the rarity:

Rarity Chance
Common 7.0%
Uncommon 7.5%
Rare 8.0%
Epic 8.5%
Legendary 9.0%
Mythical 9.5%
Exalted 10.0%
Deluxe 10.5%