Should I buy the Battle Pass (Season 24)?

First of all, it is absolutely possible to enjoy the game without spending any money at all - although if you play a lot you’d probably want to make 1 purchase to get rid of the ads between rooms. Of course, the game will keep trying to entice you to spend, to speed up your progress and/or to compete with other players - but ultimately whether you choose to do so depends on how much you enjoy the game and how much you can afford to spend (this is something I want to write about in more detail, but the tldr version would be set a monthly limit that you can afford to spend and be disciplined about sticking to it; and don’t allow yourself to be enticed by “special offers”).

That said, if you are currently able to spend 10$ (either because your monthly budget is higher than that, or you’ve carried forward unused budget from previous months) and are wondering if the current (Season 24) Battle Pass is worth it:

  • If you haven’t unlocked Jackbot yet, buy it and use the 10 Recruitment posters to get Jackbot. He’s the best Farming hero although you’d ideally want to get him to 1 Star for best results.
  • If you have unlocked Jackbot, and are working towards unlocking one of the Premium heroes using Tower Points, buy it, but don’t use the posters immediately: keep your options open until you have enough to unlock the hero
  • If you have unlocked Jackbot but are not aspiring to get the Premium heroes, then it will depend on where you are in the game and what you are trying to achieve - post a comment if you need a recommendation.

If you are on the fence about the Super Battle Pass; the rewards on that are pretty consistent (only change seems to be which hero you get 10 shards for at 2900 points) so the decision will largely depend on whether it’s within your budget or not.

BTW Remember that the BP/SBP rewards are not only the track rewards and the bonus keys: The BP gives you a higher energy cap, +10% each on equipment drops, upgrade material drops and coins . The SBP gives you a further +10% on equipment drops and +30% XP.


Get rid of the ads between the rooms? I have no ads between rooms, is it because I’m playing in Europe?
Namastee Ras sifaan, love your works!

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Are you sure you’ve never made a purchase in the game? Normally in a new game an ad appears every few rooms (you can skip it after a few seconds as it wasn’t opt-in) and there’s a message that any purchase removes those ads. I assumed it was the same everywhere but perhaps some jurisdictions don’t allow it :thinking:

I bought the BP once and the SBP once. But ads appeared in the game only when opening chests and hidden chests and in the shop for free chests and gates.
It’s always been like that and the passes haven’t changed anything.
Thank you!