Sim Chip

The Sim Chip is a premium gear introduced in 1.15
It goes in the Left gear slot and does damage to Flying Enemies - so you could pair it with the Metal Detector for farming runs

It boosts your XP as follows:

Rarity Boost
Common 6%
Uncommon 9%
Rare 12%
Epic 15%
Legendary 18%
Mythical 21%
Exalted 24%
Deluxe 27%

If you have the Super Battle Pass, the 30% bonus will be on top of this (i.e. Prison Planet is 234300 XP, +12% for Rare makes it 262,416, and if you had the SBP you’d get 341,140 with the 30%)

Note that their currently seems to be some rounding down happening from these percentages, looks like they are calculating the bonus per room, rounding down each time

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