Simplifying equipment management

I have some suggestions for UI changes to make equipment management easier:

  1. Collate all items of same level and rarity together and show the count; so for example if I have 20 Common Body Armour at Level 1 (*) then rather than showing 20 distinct items, show a Common Body Armour with Lvl 1 text (as it is now) and a 20 subscript (the way it’s done for the badges)
  2. If an user selects an item from the inventory, open the dialog box as it is now, and
    • Show the count of items selected (e.g. in the dialog box heading)
    • Change the Scrap and Upgrade buttons to Scrap 1 and Upgrade 1 respectively
    • If there are multiple items, add a Scrap All button next to the Scrap button
    • If the user Upgrades 1 item, it would be separated from the grouping and the display would change to reflect the new grouping - typically will be 1 unit (although technically there may be other copies at the new level to be grouped together with). A simpler way to manage upgrading would be to only allow upgrading if the user equips an item (there’s no use in upgrading if they are not going to equip it) - i.e. it appears in the dialog box when clicking an equipped item, but not for an unequipped item.
  3. Similarly, in the fuse menu, rather than a long list of items, show the collated items. However this will be slightly different from the inventory display because
    • Items of the same rarity would be grouped even if they were of different levels (this is why a separate display is still needed, rather than adding a Fuse button to the dialog box referred to earlier)
    • Items would not be shown unless there were at least 3 at the same rarity (if there are no usable items, have a help text that they need 3 of the same item at the same rarity for fusing)
    • Rather than tapping 3 items and then clicking Fuse, what would happen now is that tapping a collection would give a Fuse confirmation button, and additionally a Fuse all button (e.g. if I had 20 common body armours, fusing all would yield 6 uncommon with 2 commons left) and of course a cancel button
    • Separately, in case the user had levelled up multiple items before fusing, it would be nice if 50% of the upgrade material used for the lower level item/s could be returned, like it is when scrapping

* The reason I keep them this way is that I delay scrapping items as much as possible - so in case I acquire some new equipment I have a chance of getting materials for it from scrapping. There are also motivations to not scrap equipment at all, and this would also simplify the display for those users