Tiny White/Glowing Mr. Autofire Above Player

I can’t seem to find anything about this here, or on Reddit. In the past week or two (I don’t think it has been showing up very long), there is occasionally a tiny white/glowing silhouette of a Mr Autofire hovering over the player. Typically this happens at the end of a room after everything has been killed. Does anyone know what this is?

Since version 2.4, there is an icon above the hero when the skill tree skill is active; this is in addition to the blue bar receding.

Unlike before, where for some skills the skill ran out even when the room was cleared, now it pauses when the room clears and resumes when you start shooting - that’s why you see it more at the end of the room

The one that looks like Autofire is the decoy skill

Sifaan…I should have figured that out myself! Thank you, so much, for clearing up that mystery (to me). :slight_smile: