2021 December Endless Boss for Poison Heroes (619)

Another very good set of perks, but this time was with my weakest Hero - Mortis is only 1*/9

Video from room 506:

I was able to get the following perks from Hidden Treasures:

  • Springs
  • Heavy armour
  • Dwarf
  • Big attack up
  • Poison
  • Backshot
  • Flamethrower
  • Move Speed Up
  • Fire shots
  • Adrenaline (missing in the above screenshot, forgot to take pic at the end)

Endless Boss runs are quite easy once you get the right perk build - as you can see in most rooms you just stay still and let sustained fire do it’s thing :yum:

I’ve twice crossed 1,000 in Endless Boss runs, but that was before they pulled Haggler and this time it was with my weakest Hero (Mortis is 1 Star, Level 9) so I wasn’t expecting to get so far. I was still hoping to get the maximum level ups (25) and was probably ~40-50 rooms short - I’d reached 24 at Room 400 and was about 5/6ths of the way to 25.

I was doing reasonably well until I misjudged the tortoise and lost the necro, and 620 was really bad - survived the first hit by taking ~48k damage, got hit again (but dodged), got hit again and died, got a revive from an ad, then landed on the boss and died :pleading_face: