Hidden Treasures - Complete listing + access without mobility perks

Several of these Hidden Treasures normally require mobility perks (triple jump, springs, jet pack to help jump higher or ninja to crawl up a wall) but all are possible without, although some are easier than others.

Note that in most of these videos you can see that the glitch is active by the mid-air running animation; this was removed in an update and you should watch instead for the different leg position

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World 1 - Angel Room

Used to require mobility perks or glitch jump, but they refreshed the world in 2.3.2 and now you can do a double jump:

World 2 - Angel Room

No perks needed

World 3 - Angel Room

No perks needed

World 4 - Angel Room

No perks needed

World 5 - Angel Room

This needs Dwarf (previously some heroes could enter without). You can either double jump from the bottom;

Or drop in from the top:

World 6 - Angel Room

No perks needed (don’t push the ice-block; go up and around)

World 7 - Starting Room

This used to require dwarf to go down a crevice but 1.14 changed the location

World 7 - Angel Room

Dwarf required.

World 8 - Angel Room

This used to require mobility perks or glitch jumping; but 1.14 introduced a little ledge to make it easier

World 9 - Angel Rooms

The first one doesn’t need any perks:

The second usually needs mobility perks; but you can jump on to the edge of the slope and jump off again, and then if you see the leg moving animation (and maybe sometimes even if you do not) you can do another double jump:

My 6 year-old figured out another way to do it - run against the last step and jump, and then quickly turn back… I’ve only tried it a few times but the leg moving animation has always appeared, which makes this a bit more reliable (but if you don’t get it right you will go through the portal!)

I’ve noticed that if you have springs the above either don’t work or are hard to trigger, so you can try this alternate strategy:

BTW if you have Ninja (very useful in this world) you can go up from the side:

World 10 - Angel Rooms

The first one doesn’t need any perks:

For this one, you need to jump over the Stop sign (if you walk, you will press a hidden switch and the access will be blocked - if that happens you can walk back to open it and then jump over) and then use the trick explained for the Poison Castle if you don’t have mobility perks:

Alternately, it also works to jump while running against the step (I’ve found the previous method works better but YMMV):

World 11 - Angel Rooms

No perks needed

No perks needed

World 12 - Starting Room

No perks needed; walk under the falling blocks and the last one will operate the switch

World 13 - Angel Room

Tiny required

World 14 - Angel Room

No perks required

World 15 - Angel Room

No perks required


Daily Elemental events

Metal Monday - Starting Room

No perks needed

Toxic Tuesday - Angel Room

No perks needed

Winter Wednesday - Angel Room

No perks needed (the ice gives you a boost)

Thermal Thursday - Starting Room

No perks needed

Fey Friday - Starting Room

Tiny required

Weekend Boss Fight - Starting Room

No perks needed


Metal Castle - Starting Room

No perks needed. Don’t push the top crate too far or you won’t be able to move around it.

Or if you like doing the glitch jump, you can try this:

Metal Castle - Angel Rooms

Dwarf required:

This one normally needs mobility perks. The trick is to not jump off the 2nd window (move off, let the hero move across a bit and then jump) - falling off the 3rd window isn’t required :wink:

Poison Castle - Starting Room

No perks needed

Poison Castle - Angel Rooms

This one doesn’t need any perks, just jump on to the invisible platform:

This also doesn’t need perks, but sometimes the jump doesn’t succeed and you fall down - so it’s good to try this when the upper mine is moving left (like it is in this video) so you don’t hit it when you fall there

This one is the toughest: You need to jump up near the block, then when you fall back to the level of the block, run against it while jumping - you need to get the timing of that just right and also maneuver into the crevice to double jump:

Another option (video from Raúl Fernández on FB, I haven’t been able to replicate it) is like this:

Looking at it frame by frame, it looks like jumping while running into the block sometimes gives a jump that is higher than the regular jump (and then you still need to maneuver into the crevice to double jump like above)

Ice Castle - Starting Room

No perks needed

Ice Castle - Angel Rooms

This one doesn’t need perks, but you will take damage unless you have Safety Bubble (or perhaps Titan Shield - I’ve noticed in the poison castle that the mines don’t hurt you if you have it?). If you think the reward is worth 1,000 health points, do it fast so you only get hurt once:

This one usually needs mobility perks:

Fire Castle - Angel Rooms

This one doesn’t need perks (need to move just a little to the left as you jump)

This one normally needs mobility perks (can probably be done from the other side as well)

Magic Castle - Starting Room

No perks needed, just go down the vine

Magic Castle - Angel Rooms

No perks needed for this one, double jump off the top of the vine while going left and keep jumping

This one is easier with dwarf:

If you don’t, you can go from the sides but it is tricky to do it without getting hurt from the spikes when going in and out (it is possible but haven’t got a recording)

Magic Castle - Last Boss Room

This is the only secret chest in a room with enemies AFAIK. Need to track down the recording to upload, but it’s easy to find - once you kill the boss, keep going past the portal. There’s a chasm that you need to jump across (don’t worry if you fall in, you reappear from the top). And then there’s a small “chest” that you need to jump up on

Dark Castle - Starting Room

All the regular castle secret treasures apply in the Dark Castle as well (including the Magic Castle last boss if you get it). Additionally, there was one in a starting room, I’m not sure if this has been removed or it requires Tiny:

Gun Dungeons

Monday (Auto Handgun) - Angel Room

This one didn’t require Tiny, was updated to require it, but has now reverted to being accessible without Tiny

Tuesday (Plasma) - Angel Room

No perks needed. Note that this Gun Dungeon is a bit unusual in that there are 3 Angel Room layouts and you only get 2 on any given run - so on some runs you will not get this room

Space - Angel Room

No perks needed

Wasteland - Angel Room

No perks needed


Can you explain how to “glich jumping” or maybe make a totorial how to train it ?
I see it sometimes in my runs, but they are “accidents”. XD

PS: World 1 don’t need any mobility Perks. ^^
PPS: The position of the headline “Gun Dungeons” should be 2 text paragraphs later, i think. ^^

Sorry for the late reply - got busy with this Dark Castle run.

I will add the tutorial to my to-do list, but it might be a while before I get around to doing it… in the meantime, the easiest way to learn is probably just jump, then jump again just as you hit the ground - and then sometimes the leg position will be different: that’s when you know you can jump twice again. This is especially useful near portals (like World 1 - I’ve been able to get it with a regular double jump but wasn’t sure if I was using a character that had a jump boost in the skill tree).

The next thing to try is to run against a block/ledge and then press jump - like in one of the World 9 rooms, although there you need to turn around quickly. Again, you need to look at the legs.

And then the last is to jump at a block/ledge and then jump again as you hit it, like before checking the legs to see if it worked.

The hardest is that sometimes these can trigger an extra high jump (needed for the tough one in the poison castle). I haven’t found a way to reliably trigger that one though.

And thanks for the spot on the Gun Dungeon heading :pray:t4:

Thanks for the introduction.

World 1, works with every character with normal double jump from the right side of the Portal.

you’re welcome

Ice Castle Angel Room 2: Got it without perks. Using the doublejump technic from your itroduction here. Go to the end of the room next to the door, step left, fall down, jump against the wall, turn to the left…
(Character Lvl 63, full Stars)