Available Heroes

Updated history

  • 22 Aug 2022 - 1.16 moved S.I.M.O. from Restricted to Open
  • 4 Oct 2022 - 2.0 introduced Polly and Lumina
  • 8 May 2023 - 2.4 introduced Cole Carbo

There are currently 23 heroes across 5 elements and 4 categories as follows:

  • 15 open heroes; i.e. shards can appear in summon gates even if you don’t already have them unlocked, AND
    • Type A: Shards drop in weekday events (max 1/week, see Probability)
    • Type B: Shards drop in castles; higher drop rates at Floor 30 and above. Armorita, Miasma, Fursus, Scorcher and Hocus Focus also feature in one-time clear rewards
  • 1 restricted hero; i.e. shards don’t appear in castles nor daily events, and appear in summon gates only if you already have them unlocked
  • 6 premium heroes; i.e. unlock at 2 stars for 60 shards (or at 1 star for 30 shards for Lumina), which are only available in special summons, the tower shop (only some of them), the guild shop (only Lumina) and for recruitment posters
Element Open A Open B Restricted Premium
Metal Autofire Amorita, S.I.M.O. Jackbot Mrs. Surefire
Poison Dr. Toxic Miasma, Mortis N/A Polly
Ice Frostina Fursus, Arctor N/A Shiver, Lumina
Fire Blazia Scorcher, Firebug N/A Ignus, Cole Carbo
Magic Hecate Hocus Focus, Prospero N/A Sanguina

Availability of Premium Heroes is as follows:

Hero Special summons Tower Shop Guild Shop Recruitment Poster
Mrs. Surefire Yes Yes No Yes
Polly Yes No No Yes
Shiver Yes Yes No Yes
Lumina No No Yes Yes
Ignus Yes Yes No Yes
Sanguina Yes Yes No Yes
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