Best way to spend gems

F2P gems (farming, or from offer wall)

TLDR: On recharging Metal Monday / Toxic Tuesday / Winter Wednesday / Thermal Thursday / Fey Friday

Doing well in the above Daily events is very important for a few reasons:

  1. It’s the most reliable way to unlock 4 heroes (Dr. Toxic, Frostina, Blazia and Hecate), and once you have them unlocked it gets easier to progress in the events because of the 30% damage bonus.
  2. It’s the best way to earn Hero Medals - getting the guaranteed 4 (1 @ Medium, 1 @ Hard, 2 @ Nightmare) for completion is really important to be able to promote your heroes. Additionally, the drop rates for Hero Medals in the events are higher than in castles (and farming castles got harder once they started requiring energy to play)
  3. Playing castles is the best way to get more Shards and Rings (and since the update where castles were buffed, equipment as well) and to have a chance at keys you at least need to be competitive in Hard events. Note that I do not recommend spending gems on summon gates unless you are buying gems for money and/or you like the thrill of gambling (there’s a high chance of 2 shards, progressively reducing chances for 3 (lucky), 5 (super lucky) and 10 (ultra lucky) - the mean shard rate per gate is 2.75).
  4. In Worlds and in the Tournament you can keep retrying if you fail, albeit with a cooling down period in the Tournament. In the Castles you are limited by keys but eventually you will have more keys than you have time to play. For events, however, you only have 3 chances a day (and 1 recharge for another 3 chances)

The reason for spending on recharge varies based on where you are in your development

  1. If you are not lucky enough to get the free shard in 3 runs, a recharge gives you another 3 chances. I would recommend recharging for this reason at least until you unlock Dr. Toxic, Frostina, Blazia and Hecate and get Mr. Autofire to 1 star (to be your first Farming hero)
  2. When you are unable to complete Medium / Hard / Nightmare levels for the Hero medal, a recharge gives you more chances of doing so (do this if you think you could do it with better luck on perks - see also Difficulty Scaling: Daily Events)
  3. When you don’t get keys in your hard runs (at this stage you are probably playing 2x Hard and 1x Medium), or get keys but need more because you die quickly in them, a recharge gives you additional chances of getting keys

Paid gems

If you are buying gems, your motivation for buying gems should guide you.

  1. You might be looking to unlock Restricted or Premium heroes - typical costs here. The best value for money would be Jackbot
  2. You might be looking to unlock Premium equipment - typical costs here. The Looper is generally the best gun, but be aware of limitations in fusing it up compared to the F2P weapons (of which the Auto Handgun and Plasma Cannon are both good). I would recommend against other premium guns (Gemini Laser, Devastator, Nuclear Lasso) as they’d just dilute your loot pool. Premium Armour (Elemental or Emergency Shell) and/or Gear are also options