Earning XP needs to be easier

I’m currently ~12 million XP away from reaching Level 59, and I’m really not looking forward to 900+ runs of Destroyed World to get the ~110 million XP to reach Level 60

While only a few players are facing this particular situation, there are many players at 50+ who find the XP grind a drag

Here are some ideas to make the experience better:

  • Instead of a fixed XP/room in a level (where clearing the last boss gives as much XP as Room 1), scale it (e.g. extra 25% after the 1st boss, extra 50% after the 2nd boss) and give an incentive to clear the boss (e.g. +100% XP for that room)
  • Remove the cap on XP in the Tournament (currently 156k at Level 52)
  • Allow players to play any World at difficulty level 11 - i.e. you currently scale the difficulty across worlds where World 11 would be harder to beat (enemies do more damage and have more HP) than World 10, but would likely give ~230k XP. Until you develop World 11, apply that scaling to any current world and give that ~230k XP. This would also be great for practicing for the Tournament. Once World 11 launches, you can offer every world at difficulty level 12.
  • For Player Appreciation Day, offer options - +100% XP and +100% coins (as you currently offer), or +200% XP with no coin bonus. Maybe also +200% coins with no XP bonus for those who need the coins more than the XP
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