Flexible Player Appreciation Days

Player Appreciation Days are nice, but there isn’t a real need to have everyone get the bonus simultaneously, especially when different players have different schedules (some may be able to play on weekends, some weekdays, some may wait for a holiday)

An idea to give players more flexibility would to award a Player Appreciation Magic Item that gives the benefits when activated (having the option of forfeiting the coin bonus for even more XP as requested previously would be great) and the player can activate it at a time they can play a lot.

To preserve the intention of the Appreciation Day (to get people to play the game), the tokens could have a limited shelf-life of 1 week (if not activated by then, it deploys by default)

Furthermore, you could offer this in the Battle Pass as well - would certainly be more useful than Metal Crates (since we get one free every 20 hours anyway) :crossed_fingers:t4:

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