Make Mystery Crates more useful

The current rewards for Mystery Crates are not useful - so the only reason to watch them is for the chance of gems and the very rare chance of an extra life. As Developers, you want people to watch ads, so here’s my suggestions to make it worth our time;

  • The defense increment is absolute junk, but it could be useful if it was a percentage damage reduction (e.g. 3%) - which is also my request for the Melee/Ranged Resistance and Body/Heavy/Tactical armour.
  • The attack increment, being a fixed amount, is only helpful for fast guns (autogun, looper and to some extent the Gemini Laser) but even so it needs multiple iterations (like in Endless events) to build up. This could be made useful, and fairer to all players regardless of their weapon, if it increased attack by a percentage amount (e.g. 3%). It would be even more equitable if it actually adjusted the Loadout Attack (which would then also improve Hero Passives like Iceplosion and perks like Zap and Death Zap) rather than just the shot damage
  • Likewise the Health increment should also be a percentage of current health (but could have the current values as a floor, because it would otherwise disadvantage weak players)
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I never watch the ads for the mystery crates - not worth it.

Currently I only watch them in endless-type events where the benefits stack up, especially in the dark castle. And maybe in very high tower floors