Mystery Crates

The Starting Room and Angel Rooms can have Mystery Crates (visible TVs) and Hidden Treasures (it helps to know where they are) where you can watch an ad to get some benefit.

The Mystery crates will mostly give you a minor boost on your Attack, Health or Defence (31% chance each), and rarely will give you an Extra life (3% chance, will automatically revive you if you die in the run) or upto 20 gems (4% chance):

  • The Attack bonus adds to your Damage per Shot almost at the end of the calculation, so most perks don’t improve it (exceptions: Berserk, Focus Shots, Revenge), although it will benefit from some hero skills (e.g. Blazia’s Wrath and Frostina’s Snowball) and will boost the damage from your Indirect Hits and Shrapnel (excluding Death shrapnel). Like Gear Damage, it’s more useful for fast guns

  • The Health bonus boosts your Loadout Health for the run (you get a bonus for Armour Mastery, but the Health % bonuses like Frostina and Arctor at Level 20 do not apply)

  • The Defence bonus boosts your Melee Resistance and Ranged Resistance for the run (details)

How much you get depends on where you are:

Run Attack Health Defense
World 1 25 50 15
World 2 25 50 15
World 3 30 100 20
World 4 40 100 20
World 5 50 100 25
World 6 60 150 30
World 7 70 200 35
World 8 80 300 40
World 9 100 400 50
World 10 120 500 60
World 11 150 750 80
World 12 170 1000 100
World 13 190 1250 120
World 14 210 1500 140
  • For Endless, Endless Boss and Dark Castle, for me it matches the highest world but I’m not sure what happens if you are still playing a lower World
  • For the weekly Tournament and Castles I get the same as World 11 (not sure what happens if you haven’t yet completed World 10)
  • For daily Events (elemental events and dungeons), it increases with difficulty and Hard and Nightmare levels match World 11.

Suggested Strategy:

  • In Endless, Endless Boss and Dark Castle, take them always
  • In Worlds, use it if it helps you get the rewards for the intermediate bosses, but don’t use it to complete the World (details).
  • If you are farming Worlds, you could probably skip them (unless you are using a weaker hero who has Equipment Drop Chance for farming) unless it’s worth it for the 4% chance of gems
  • In Daily dungeons, use it at the difficulty levels you find challenging
  • In the Castles and Tournament, use it when it gets difficult to complete the Floors

Is there a way to get the reward without watching the ads?

I have seen reports that restarting the game and/or going offline can get you the rewards without having to watch the ad.

I haven’t been able to get any of them to work consistently for me - whenever I’m received a offline reward (e.g. due to internet issue) I need to restart the game for future ads to appear, so I would rather spend the 30s to watch the ad. But it seems to work well for others