Perks that need to be unlocked by completing Campaign levels

Some perks only become available once you unlock them by completing Campaign worlds:

Completed World Unlocked Perks
1 Ice Shots and Death Ice
2 Death Poison and Death Fire
3 Hoarder and Tiny
4 Zap and Death Zap
5 Haggler and Treasure Hunter
6 Balloon and Hit Mark
7 Power Tripper and Tank
8 Sustained Fire and Crafter
9 Croesus and Improved Ice Shots
10 Improved Zap Shots and Super Magnetism
11 Improved Power Tripper and Improved Sustained Fire
12 Need for Speed
13 Aerial Protection


These perks can be available in special events (Regular Endless, Endless Boss for sure, maybe also Endless Waves, Dark Castle and Guild runs) even if you haven’t unlocked them.