Ice Shots and Improved Ice Shots

Ice shot perks slow down enemies and deal damage per hit (like Zap shots, but unlike Fire and Poison which do damage over time)

Ice Shots Improved Ice Shots
Damage per Hit 5% of Loadout ATK 40% of Loadout ATK
Slow-down time for Bosses 1 second 1.5 seconds
Slow-down for others 2 seconds 2.5 seconds
Immunity period (same for all) 5 seconds 3.5 seconds

Few observations:

  • Immunity does not prevent enemies from taking ice damage from subsequent hits, but the little snowflake animations will not appear
  • The damage can go Critical (so even more helpful for Heroes with the Sniper skill or when using Critical Chance perk)
  • Death Ice deals 1x Ice Shot damage to enemies in the blast zone (is not boosted if you also have Ice or Improved Ice perks)
  • Ice shots are only useful for slowing down melee enemies (they don’t prevent ranged enemies from shooting, unlike Arctor’s Freeze shots) as they don’t do any significant damage; but Improved Ice is useful for all because it’s a sizeable damage bonus
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