Resource: Equipment

You have 4 slots for equipment: 1 Weapon, 1 Armour and 2 Gear (normally you would use 2 different types although it is possible to use the same type in both)

Each item has a rarity level (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical and Exalted) where 3 items of the same rarity can be fused together to make 1 item of the next rarity level, improving its stats (details for Weapons, Armour, Gear) and maximum level for upgrading using upgrade material.

When fusing items, the new item will retain the highest level of the items used to fuse it (so fusing a legendary Level 50 weapon with 2 Legendary Level 1 weapons will yield a Mythical Level 50 weapon; you would get the same result even if you fused a legendary Level 50 weapon with 2 Legendary Level 49 weapons)

Obtained from:
In Runs

  • Kills in Campaign, Tournament and Castles; maximum rarity is Epic
  • Jackbot’s Jackpot; maximum rarity is Epic
  • From the Merchant, for Gems; I’ve only seen Common and Uncommon

Outside Runs:

  • Metal (including Rare) - Common and Uncommon only
  • Gold Crates - Uncommon, Rare and Epic (every 11th Crate is guaranteed Epic)
  • One-Time reward for clearing a Castle - Epic
  • Top rewards in the Tournament (Master League only) - Epic
  • Battlepass track rewards - Rare and Epic (previously Uncommon as well)
  • Purchase for real money - occasional flash offers for specific items, deals that include Epic and Rare items

Acquiring Premium Weapons

None of the above methods can be used to acquire Premium weapons (Looper, Gemini Laser, Devastator). These, along with the NecroShield Suit and Plasma Cannon, were launched as Battlepass Exclusive Rewards although the Necro and Plasma were subsequently added to the Free pool. If you missed them, the only options to acquire them are:

  • Banner Summon Gates - have previously offered Plasma and Looper (initially was Common, but recent gates have featured Epic)
  • Special events - the Bunny Track event offered the Looper as the top prize

Scrapping Items
You can scrap unwanted items to yield upgrade materials as follows:

Rarity Number of upgrade materials
Common 10
Uncommon 20
Rare 30
Epic 40
Legendary 50
Mythical 60

As fusing items reduces the materials (scrapping 9 common items would yield 90 material, but fused to 1 Rare they’d yield only 30) it is better not to fuse up items unless you are sure you want to keep them

Note: Please let me know if I’ve missed any uses / earning options


“* Battlepass track rewards - Uncommon and Rare”
Seems to have epics now as well.
Very minor thing tho so maybe doesn’t even need an edit, keep up the good work with everything here.

thanks; previously it was Uncommon, Rare and Epic but in the most recent pass they removed Uncommon - but instead of Rare + Epic I had written Uncommon + Rare

I didn’t buy pass for first like 5 seasons maybe so i thought they added epic later with the way you wrote it. That it was a typo makes even more sense :slight_smile: