JackBot's Jackpot

If you prefer video, watch this first:

The chance of a hit from your weapon proc’ing a Jackpot (you will see the animation and hear the slot-machine sound) is < 2% and the number of procs is capped at 15 per run.

What you get for each Jackpot is some combination of the following (you can have multiple drops from one Jackpot) and depends on where you are playing:

The reason the Equipment Drop in World 7 and up says 1 in 53 (eqv) is because in these runs there’s a small chance of getting an uncommon or even rare item. The actual change of Equipment is 1 in 77, but adjusting for rarity (treating an uncommon as 3 and a rare as 9) gives an equivalent rate of 1 in 53.

Getting the best out of Jackbot:

  1. Regular drops (i.e. based on killing enemies) will still continue independently of Jackpots, and can be boosted if you can get Jackbot to 1 Star and learn the Equipment Drop Chance skill. As Jackbot shards to come by (he can appear in regular Summon gates once unlocked but I wouldn’t recommend buying keys for it) and he can rarely proc himself, the most reliable way to do this is to use gym passes (if you have them from the battle passes).
  2. Where to play:
    • Playing your highest campaign world gives you the best loot and most chances of getting to 15 proc’s (because harder worlds need more hits to clear), but if your Jackbot is too weak to survive long enough to get 15 proc’s, then drop down a world or two.
    • You can also play in the lower castle floors, tower tournament floors, and the easier daily event runs, but don’t expect too much - you will likely be clearing the runs too fast to get 15 procs and the loot is poorer.
    • You could increase procs by playing with a weaker gun and/or without gear, but I don’t recommend it - it’s cumbersome, increases the play time, and could put you at risk of failing to complete a castle, daily event or tournament floors
  3. Choice of weapon:
    • Because a larger number of weaker hits gives you more chances of proc’ing jackpot’s than a smaller number of strong hits, the best gun is the Looper and the best F2P gun is the Auto Handgun. Note that although the Looper is slower than the Auto, Piercing and Boomerang increase your hit rate a lot.
    • The Plasma, Devastator, Gemini and Lasso are best avoided - not only are their shots more powerful, their special ability’s damage doesn’t proc Jackpots
  4. If you are not consistently getting 15 jackpots per run, you can try to optimise your perks / gameplay:
    • Best are the perks that increase hit count and reduce damage/hit:
    • Next the ones that increase your shots/second or their chance of hitting
      • Spread / Vertical / Back shots
      • Speed perks - Big/Small Attack Speed up and Sustained Fire
      • Homing Shots
    • Try to avoid the following (unless you need them to survive) because they increase your shot damage and reduce hits needed
    • Try to avoid the following because their damage doesn’t proc Jackpots:
    • Try to avoid instant kills:
      • Don’t take Headshot and Titan Mode
      • Don’t use Stars (e.g. World 8 and 9) / Kill Switches (World 8 and 10) / Crates (e.g. World 7)

Optimal level for Jackbot
It’s useful to upgrade Jackpot because then you can play him in higher campaign floors - this will not only give you better chances of Jackpot loot, but also increase regular loot (higher worlds have better drops), XP and coins.
His level 20 and 50 bonuses (+5% Dodge in each) are handy as well
However, you should prioritise your hero medals to ensuring that your main heroes (I recommend developing 1 each of Poison, Ice, Fire and Magic heroes) are at your player level before investing in promoting Jackbot.

Revision History
Feb 7, 2023: Revised to include Shrapnel as desirable perk - shrapnel can proc Jackpots


I can’t remember where I saw it now but somewhere you mentioned something that going above 20% dodge will decrease Jackbot’s chance of triggering Jackbot’s Jackpot. Is this true if so why would dodge effect his proc rate on his on hit ability. Also I was doing an endless run using the auto gun and didn’t hit my 15th proc till wave 32 is this because I was using dodge master and ninja garb?

Ah I found it. It’s under Best all hero bonuses. Sorry in advance for the long post, I’m going to post what you have written I’m scratching my head on the reasoning on this one.

“ * Jackpot, Dodge +5%. If you unlock Jackbot you would probably level him up to at least 20 because he’s the best Farming hero anyway. This can take your dodging chances to ~1 in 6 hits. However going beyond this can actually reduce your chances of proc’ing Jackpots so you probably shouldn’t go beyond 29 unless you have the medals to take him to 50”

The stronger Jackpot gets, the less hits he needs to clear levels and the less likely it is to get to the 15 jackpots.
If you struggle to get far enough to get to 15 jackpots on most runs at your current world then it would be useful to upgrade him so you can grind the current world rather than dropping down to the previous (which costs you coin and XP), provided you can spare the medals

On endless, the early floors are very easy and enemies don’t take many hits to kill, so taking ~30 to get to 15 procs seems about right

Oh ok so this is just concerning the proc rate dropping due to doing more damage at a higher level thank you for all your information and clarification much appreciated! Thank you for all your hard work. :+1: Merry Christmas friend and God bless you and your family! Also do you need donations for the website at all? I’m willing to pitch in some for all your hard work!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
For now I’m exploring the idea of getting ads on the site, let’s see how well that works out :crossed_fingers:t4:

I got jackbot, is it better to use Looper or AutoGun, and why?

Looper because the number of hits/s is more than the autogun (base firing rate the autogun is faster, but because the looper has piercing built in and boomerang, in almost all cases it will have more hits)