Resource: Gems

Gems are the hard currency in the game

Used for:

  • Purchasing Metal, Gold and Special Crates (Special Crates are used for unlocking Premium equipment)
  • Purchasing Summon Gates (including Deluxe (11 for the price of 10) and Special Summons (usually to unlock Premium heroes although they can also be used for regular heroes at a higher chance)
  • Revives to continue a run where you die (max 3 revives per run)
  • Perk Re-rolls
  • Advancing on BattlePass
  • Purchasing coins
  • Purchasing Energy
  • Recharging Daily events (once per event)
  • Resetting Skill Tree
  • Purchasing equipment upgrade material from Merchant (large quantities)
  • Purchasing equipment from Merchant
  • Purchasing Perks from Merchant

Obtained from:
In Runs:

Outside Runs:

  • One time rewards in Castles (higher floors)
  • One-time rewards in Campaign (for each boss)
  • Levelling up Player level (60 gems for each level after level 5)
  • Offer wall (only some players have access to offers, I think it depends on your country)
  • Purchase for real money

Note: Please let me know if I’ve missed any uses / earning options

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