Resource: Hero Medals

Hero Medals are used, along with coins, to Promote Heroes

Obtained from:
In Runs:

  • Kills in Castle
  • Kills in Weekday Daily events (higher chance than in Castles)
  • Jackbot’s Jackpot
  • Some events feature Hero Medals as drops

Outside Runs:

  • Summon Gates (including Banner Summons)
  • BattlePass - Free and Paid tracks
  • One-time clear rewards for Medium (1), Hard (1) and Nightmare (2) of weekday Daily events
  • Some events feature Hero Medals as rewards
  • Promo codes
  • Login Bonuses
  • Tower Shop
  • Special events - e.g. Gambit Shop (usually it’s just coins but the July 2022 event had Hero Medals), Golden Pig

Note: Please let me know if I’ve missed any uses / earning options

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