2021 December Hard Endless for Fire Heroes (756)

Yet another run with god-mode perks:

Was a bit harder to get perks as Haggler has (unfortunately) been temporarily removed from the loot pool (until they fix the bug that allows the Merchant to sell other Hero passive skills, like what happened here). Fortunately was able to get the following from Hidden Treasures:

  • Safety Bubble
  • Death Blast
  • Jet Pack
  • Triple Shot
  • Big Crit Up
  • Titan Heard
  • Hoarder
  • Poison
  • Dodge Master
  • Titan Shield

This time I was able to record in blocks of 10 rooms and offloaded the video while the ads were playing in the angel room, so you can see from Room 626 (just after levelling up to 24) to 756:

The Revive from Mystery Crate was used at 687 (just before the necro returned in 688), Sisu got used at 710, and the banked Revive (from Summon Keys) at 754.

Note: For ideal perks for Endless, see this guide.

Amazing run bro! What level is Scorcher/ Autogun?

Scorcher is level 60, 5 star with full skill tree and the auto gun is exalted 70

Fantastic run, I cant get past 100 still. Working on getting 1 Hero from each faction (as you recomended) to 10-20-30 but gonna focus on scorcher the most. I like playing Arctur with the freeze and [Burst] play style, when using perks flame thrower and shotgun, but i could see this method being too dangerous to use late game. I have been working on taking pictures, Ive been distracted with a couple other moble games recently I just need to jump into the endless poison run that is going on right now and grind it out to get all the perks. Im still missing Ghost, Dimentional, Key, (advanced gatherer) and (advanced Gem hunter) I got shield fort the other day but forgot to take a picture of the “roll” but i did get a pic of all my skills so its still usable. What happens when you use bounce and ghost, is it no good?

Once all these endless runs are done I will be playing Dark Castle and should be able to get any missing pics from there (and there are some that are exclusive to the Dark Castle too)

Once you get Bouncy, Ghost is taken out of the perk pool and vice versa. With the haggler glitch I was able to buy Bouncy Walls (didn’t do anything) and it was only after that that the hero passives started turning up