2021 December Endless Boss (1000+) / Getting other hero perks / Shiver

Yet another 1000+ run in an endless boss event (previous: Halloween)

Knew I was going to be tight for time so didn’t both much trying to record, but did capture a few rooms when the other hero perks turned up (more about this below) and just managed to reach 1000 before I had to suicide (about 2 mins before the event ended):

This was the perk build:

Unfortunately didn’t get super homing this time, but there are a few interesting things about this:

  1. Like before, some standard perks were absent - shrapnel, headshot, hit mark, all the death perks, zap, crafter, life steal, frag bullets
  2. There are some perks that the merchant will not offer - I’m not sure yet which they are, but definitely balloon, hoarder, titan heart/armour/shield, move speed up, more sidewinders and heavy armour are not in the Merchant pool
  3. Once you get all the perks that the merchant can offer (the last of which was Band Aid in this run) he starts offering other perks, which in this case included:
    • Bouncy Walls - normally Ghost removes this from the perk pool;
    • Triple Multishot - afaik this is not available in the Endless Boss run
    • Other hero perks - managed to snag Fiery Wings, Iceplosion (this was triggering pretty much non-stop), Clairvoyance (totally useless as I had already reached 25 by room 582 but got it for kicks), and Magic Bubble. If I had time to go further might have got more perks - maybe in the next endless boss :crossed_fingers:t4:, provided the devs don’t “fix” this.
  4. As in the previous run, Angel perk’s are capped

You can also see a little bit of Shiver in action (when the boss in 1001 freezes), but will upload a separate video for him (or her?) later