2022 August-September Dark Castle (Season 24) 2159

Here’s the video - mostly in blocks of 10 rooms around checkpoint bosses, from the preceding angel room to the following angel room (e.g. 1396 to 1404 etc):

If you watched past 2100, you’ll notice there’s an interesting bug: When I completed Room 2100 and entered the portal, the sound effect was played, but the next room didn’t load :pleading_face:. I was worried that the run would be messed up, but had no choice but to restart - and it was a big relief that it resumed at 2101.
However, instead of Dark Castle layouts, they were regular campaign layouts (like it was an endless run :man_shrugging:t5:) - except that 2105 wasn’t an angel room :flushed:
Then 2109 went back to being castle rooms, however now the Angel Rooms were 2113, 2123 etc while the boss rooms were 2118, 2128 etc.

I had earlier planned to suicide at 2000 (kept hoping we’d get Wonder Hunter from a chest but it was not to be) and just went on longer because my son wanted to play a bit more (even earlier in the run we were taking turns to play). After the bug resolved, Scorcher died at 2117 and we played a few more rooms with Arctor before suiciding him at 2160. Unfortunately the video of the last set of rooms is missing because it got corrupted :disappointed:

Here’s the perk build of the run:

I was able to get the following perks from Hidden Treasures :

  • Gunheart
  • Ninja (I don’t usually take this perk because it makes me inadvertently stick to walls, but was quite useful in this run)
  • Death Blast
  • Sidewinder
  • Triple Jump
  • Balloon (a hated perk but I find it useful in these high runs)
  • Heavy Armor
  • Back shot
  • Fast Learner
  • Vertical Shots
  • Death Fire
  • Lifesteal
  • Buckshot
  • 3rd Spread Shot
  • Death Poison
  • Improved Fire Shots
  • 2x Big Crit Up
  • 2x Big Attack Up
  • Move Speed Up
  • Death Zap
  • Frag Bullets (doesn’t do anything when you have Ghost)
  • Great Lifesteal
  • Improved Zap (was worried that the lag might make it impossible but it was still playable)
  • Death Shrapnel
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