2022 January Endless Boss for Magic Heroes 1170

Once again, had to suicide with God mode perks because time was running out :cry:.
Here are the perks I had:

Because I was short of time and the iPad was short of space, I only recorded a few rooms when the Sisu got activated, and then when I suicided:

I was able to get the following perks from Hidden Treasures:

  • Double Barrel
  • Tank
  • Revenge
  • Fast Shots
  • Improved Poison
  • Buckshot
  • Big Attack Up x2
  • Triple Barrel
  • Big Attack Speed Up x3
  • Hoarder
  • Heavy Armour

And got Dwarf, Poison Shots and Fast Learner from the Merchant - much harder to get perks from the merchant after they disabled Haggler for endless runs :frowning: (because of this run)
(Didn’t really need Fast Learner as I was already at Level 24 of max 25 and would’ve gotten to 25 regardless, but got it for the heck of it)

Thanks so much, after looking at your perks I got first place on Leaderboard!!

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