Blessed Suit Review

This article complements the YouTube review of the Blessed Suit:

How the suit works

Health bonus
Normally, your Loadout Health = Hero Health + (1 + (Armor Mastery)/100) * Armour Health

With the Blessed Suit, you get a 25% Health bonus, so in most cases you will find that Loadout Health = 1.25 * Hero Health + (1 + (Armor Mastery)/100) * Armour Health

However, if the hero health already includes a health % bonus (skill tree, own level bonus, all hero level bonus from Frostina / Arctor) the net benefit will be less than 25%.

In the video, Jackbot has a hero health of 5,117, and with the 350 ninja garb, and with 18% Armour Mastery I get

Loadout Health = 5117 + 1.18 * 350 = 5530

With the Blessed Suit, I have to first find Jackbot’s base health by removing the 16% Health bonus (from Frostina/Arctor), which is 4412 and add a 41% (25% + 16%) bonus;

Loadout Health = 4412*1.41 + 1.18 * 350 = 6633

You will be able to estimate this on the Hero Stat Simulatoronce I update it for the Blessed Suit (until then you can hack it by incrementing the number in the Health % column by 25)

Healing Bonus
Every time you talk to the Angel (regardless of what you pick, and in addition to any healing from your choice) and every time you talk to the Merchant (regardless of whether you buy anything or not) you will heal by at least 15% of your Max Health

Your Max Health starts as your Loadout health, and can increase in-run from perks (MHU 20%, Tank 50%, GunHeart 10%), mystery crates, and hero skills (Miasma’s Absorb)

The healing of 15% is boosted by Healing level bonuses (Eg Toxic and Prospero), perks (each Combat Medic gives 20% boost), and skill tree (some heroes have a 2% additional heal)

So in the video, the calculation for the clips include at least 32% Healing bonus (20% from Dr. Toxic, 10% from Prospero and 2% from Jackbot’s skill tree)

  1. Max Health = 6633, 15% = 994; healing bonus is 52% because of Combat Medic, so heal = 994 * 1.52 = 1510
  2. Max Health = 7959 (including 20% Max Health Up), 15% = 1193; with 32% healing bonus, heal = 1574
  3. Max Health = 11939 (50% Tank on top of the 20% MHU), 15% = 1790; with 32% healing bonus, heal = 2362

Should you try to unlock the Blessed Suit
Unless you are incredibly lucky, unlocking premium equipment is expensive. (BTW if you like these suggestions, you can also forward them to LH - via their social media handles, or as a “Feedback” support ticket) - so this puts it out of reach of most people. This is really designed for people who regularly purchase gems. I seriously don’t recommend you try to get lucky if you’ve slowly farmed a few thousand gems.

Even if you can afford it, remember that it will take quite a while to get it leveled up to be comparable to your existing armour - the more developed that is, the longer the catch up is going to be. I’m probably looking at at least a year :see_no_evil:. And the only way to reliably speed that up is with tinkering kits - they show up on the paid passes often, and are also available for direct purchase; either way, more money needed.

Also, getting this in your loot pool dilutes the pool - so it’s going to take longer to level up every other equipment you have. Unless they implement this suggestion

Even if you can afford it, can wait to level it up, and don’t mind the dilution, I would recommend the following premium gear as being more important (especially because the Necroshield Suit is so good - it was originally a premium armour that was later made F2P):

  1. Looper
  2. Camo Cloak and one of Shield Generator / Plaster for tough runs (if you have the Plaster the Heal you get from it makes the Blessed Suit less of a game changer)
  3. Sim Chip and Metal Detector for farming runs

And if you’ve already invested in a premium armour (Emergency Shield or Elemental Armor), you will likely be better off just staying with it