Hero Stat Simulator

Ever wondered how much Attack or Health you will get when promoting/levelling/starring up a hero? Or how those level bonuses (hero-specific or all-hero) stack up? Which hero has the best base stats?

The Hero stat Simulator (click here) can help answer those questions.

How to use the Simulator:

  • The fields are pretty self-evident, just enter your current stats and click Simulate (and confirm that it’s working fine - there might be a few bugs to squash)
  • Once you run it once, the “save” option appears - that loads a page with your values pre-loaded, so you can bookmark that to save yourself reentering data each time
  • From this base, you can simulate the different options (e.g. what happens if we promote Miasma to 50?)


  • Currently this only considers +Health, +Health %, +Attack, +Attack % bonuses - in a future update I might tally the Dodge Chance, Critical Chance, etc
  • S.I.M.O. is bugged - the +120 Attack for Level 40 isn’t working (the simulator shows what it would be)

Revision Notes
27/05/2022 - Added Mrs. Surefire, Shiver, Ignus and S.I.M.O.

Important Note
I haven’t coded in about 2 decades, and have never coded in JavaScript before the Damage Simulator - so this might not be the most elegant way to do this, but hopefully there are no major bugs :crossed_fingers:t4:


assume all heros are 5 stars and all heros took all skills.
who has a bigger base damage? Firebug or Polly?