Fix for Loot Pool dilution

The game has offered, via Battle Passes and / or special crates, 4 Premium weapons (Looper, Gemini Laser, Devastator, Nuclear Lasso), 2 Premium Armors (Emergency Shell and Elemental Armor) and 6 Premium Gears (Camo Cloak, Shield Generator, Plaster, Radiation Field, Metal Detector and Sim Chip)

Unlocking an item adds it to the loot pool and dilutes it - which means players who paid for the premium item find it much harder to level up any of their items because the chances of equipment and material drops are lower

It’s understandable that you don’t want it to be too easy to upgrade because that disincentivizes people from paying for upgrades, but penalising the people who have already paid (and the greater the loyalty in buying Premium equipment, the greater the penalty is) isn’t nice.

This was originally posted on Reddit and the idea I like most (from FieldMouse007) would be give a lock-out option for every piece of Premium equipment. Then the paying customers have the same chances of getting what they need as the F2P players and are more likely to continue to buy.

For example, I have purchased 4 weapons (Plasma, Looper once, Gemini, Devastator) so I should be able to lock-out 4 weapons of my choice from dropping.