Crystal Collection event tips

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For all collection events

  1. Don’t collect battle pass rewards until the end of season, in case a collection event comes around (exception would be if collecting shards could help you star up a hero)
  2. Before collecting “Daily Gift” login rewards see if there’s a collection coming up - for the last collection event (Rings) I got 20 from the Daily Gift by waiting a few days (still was able to collect all the gifts)

For crystal event

  1. Best source to get crystals are the daily dungeons - both completion rewards (Easy: 10, Medium: 20, Hard: 30, Nightmare: 40) and drops during the run. I don’t recommend recharging for 100 gems just to get another 3 runs at crystals. But you could do it if you wanted the shard but didn’t get it in 3 runs, you want more keys, or you missed nightmare (or even hard) with a bad perk roll and want another try
  2. Castles provide decent drops as well (although less than daily dungeons) but the drop rates don’t increase at higher floors as far as I can tell. If you are tight for energy to play and have enough keys, go in with 1 hero (it will warn you but allow you to proceed) and play just the first 9 floors for 3 energy each. Then start the 10th and either suicide or exit the run and start again with another key. You could extend this to another 10 floors at 4 energy each
  3. Always go for hidden treasures.
  4. Use jackpot if you have him - he can proc crystals.
  5. Take the crafter perk in castles (and maybe daily dungeons) - it increases drop rates of crystals
  6. You can also get crystals from summon gates but I wouldn’t recommend buying them for the crystal event (although you could save up some keys for it)