Equipment Drop Chance

Does the Equipment Drop Chance (EDC) skill (available for Mr. Autofire, Armorita, Fursus and Jackbot) make a difference?
Are some worlds better for farming than others?

I’ve been tracking my results for a few days now, and you can see the results in this Excel file.

Currently (as of May 9), the verdict is:
EDC: Yes, has a noticeable benefit matching the advertised 50%
Worlds: Need more data

Few notes on how I did the analysis:

  • This is only considering equipment (i.e. the bonus doesn’t apply to upgrade material)
  • I wasn’t sure if we should consider the rarity of the item (either way the benefit is ~50%):
    • It could be that that there is one random number that decides whether a kill results in a drop, and another that decides how rare it is (if so, we should just consider drops and ignore rarity in the analysis); - this is modelled as Drops
    • Or, it could be that there is one random number that decides on the drop and the rarity - I’m modelling this as Eqv Drops considering that 1 uncommon equivalent to 3 common; 1 rare equivalent to 9 common, etc.
  • I wasn’t sure what to do with incomplete runs; for completeness I’ve recorded them and treat them as a fraction of completed rooms (modelled as Eqv Runs); but this isn’t very accurate because the number of enemies in each room varies (including zero in the angel rooms). If you want to exclude them, you can filter them out in the Pivot Table by selecting “Complete” for “Run Status” in the filters.
  • I’m only analysing Worlds (no Castles, Events, Endless Tower) - if you want to analyze anything else the formulas will need some modification
  • I’m tracking the date because I don’t know if the drop chances change from time to time; I might update the Pivot Table to filter dates in a future revision

How to use the Pivot Tables
The first table compares runs with EDC against those without.

  • You can filter for particular worlds if you like
  • You can decide if you only want Complete Runs, Incomplete, or both
  • You can decide if you only want runs with the Battlepass, without, or both (going with Both is not recommended)

The second table compares runs across worlds

  • You can filter for EDC (strongly recommend that you do this)
  • There are filters for Run Status and Battle Pass like the previous table

If I can get enough data I will add a table to see the impact of the Battle Pass

How to add data

  • Date column: Include the date of the run
  • BP Bonus: Yes if you had the BP active, No if you didn’t (IIRC this gives a 10% bonus on drop chance)
  • World: The world you played
  • Hero: Select the hero, make sure to use EDC Autofire / EDC Armorita / EDC Fursus if you were using those heroes with the EDC Skill unlocked
  • Rooms Cleared: If you didn’t complete your run, enter the last room you cleared (you can enter 30 (12 for W3 and W8) for completed runs but you don’t have to)
  • Enter the number of items received under Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary
  • Note that the formulas, pivots etc are currently valid until Row 1000

Sharing data
It would be great if you can share your data so I can compile it; contact me on Reddit, Facebook or Discord (invite link for server)

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