Loot Pool Dilution

As of version 2.4, the game includes the following equipment:

Type Free Equipment Premium Equipment
Weapons Plasma Cannon *
Laser Rifle
Auto Handgun
Nuclear Lasso
Smart MiniGun
Gemini Laser
Armor Body Armour
Ninja Garb
Heavy Armour
Tactical Suit
Necroshield Suit *
Blessed Suit
Emergency Shell
Elemental Armor
Gear Scope
Explosive Bullets
Iron Sights
Dum Dum Bullets
Camo Cloak
Sim Chip
Metal Detector
Shield Generator
Radiation Field


  • * The Plasma Cannon and Necrushield Suit used to be premium items (launched in Battlepass Season 4 and 2 respectively) that were later released to the Free pool
  • Premium equipment was initially launched as Exclusive rewards in the Battle Pass, but nowadays they are only launched on special crates (details on unlocking cost) and there’s always one premium item on offer at any given time. From time to time the less popular equipment (e.g. Radiation Field, Nuclear Lasso) have also been offered in the Battle Pass (with the option of taking a Epic Tinkering Kit / Epic Gun Kit instead)

If you haven’t unlocked any premium items, you have 13 items in your loot pool, and the chances of getting any particular item (or its upgrade material) are 1/13.

Now suppose you unlock a few Premium items - say, the Smart Minigun, Emergency Shell, and Plaster - you obviously want to upgrade them, but now the chance of getting any particular item has dropped to 1/16. Or, in other words, you would now need to do 16 runs to get the loot you previously got in 13.

And the more premium items you unlock, the harder it becomes to upgrade them.

It seems unlikely that the devs will address this issue (there are enough players willing to pay for premium equipment even with this drawback) so my recommendation would be to be mindful of this issue when deciding whether or not to unlock more premium equipment.