Damage Simulator

Ever wondered whether it’s better to take Big Attack Up or Big Attack Speed Up? Or whether you are better off upgrading your gun, your gear, or your hero? Or whether those All-Hero bonuses make a big difference?

The Damage Simulator (click here) can help answer those questions.

How to use the Simulator:

  • Most of the fields are either self-evident, or are linked to wiki entries that explain them
  • For the Big Attack Up field
    • Count each Big Attack Up perk as 1
    • Count each Small Attack Up perk as 0.5
    • Count Fast Shots as 0.5, Gun Heart as 0.5, Power Tripper as 1.5 and Improved Power Tripper as 2.5
  • The Big Attack Speed Up field is similar (Big is 1, Small is 0.5)

At the moment the Simulator ignores all of the following; I might try to add them in for future revisions (some of them will require some kind of modelling), but for now I’ve included some hints

  • Hero Passive Skills - Blazia’s wrath adds about 17% damage on average. Others are trickier to model
  • Ice - works well with fast guns, especially when you have piercing and chain
  • Indirect Hits, Spread Shots (Spread / Vertical / Back),
  • Collateral damage - currently lists Plasma Cannon’s Blast and Devastator’s Trail; Gemini’s Laser Link and Nuclear’s lasso is not included yet
  • The chance of the shot hitting - the slower the bullets and the faster the enemy, the more likely you are to miss at least some of the time (and the more useful Fast Shots will be); the simulator just assumes that every bullet hits; in a similar vein Fire calculation assumes you hit at least once every 2 seconds
  • Death Effects - comparing between them, Death Ice / Death Zap are good to slow down the mobs; Death Shrapnel is good if you have Piercing Shrapnel (or at least have Shrapnel Shots so might get it); between the rest my ranking would be (considering Damage done, not sure if the zone is the same) Death Fire, Death Blast, and Death Poison.
  • Critical Chance - as a ball-park, it will increase your shot damage/second by ~20% (excluding Elemental Damage and Death Effects), slightly less useful if you have the Sniper Shots skill or Hit Mark
  • Chain Shots - will approximately double your shot damage when there are mobs, also good for spreading Fire, Poison, Ice and Zap; pairs with Shrapnel shots to give unto 8 shrapnel pieces
  • Focus Shots - good for fast guns (SMG, Auto, Looper), much less useful if you have Indirect damage going on (but still useful for single Bosses); also Chain shots pretty much ruins it (except for single Bosses)
  • Shrapnel (Shrapnel shots, Sidewinder, Death Shrapnel, Frag Bullets)
  • Buckshot (adds 40% of Weapon Specific base damage if you are close)
  • Distant Shots (adds 40% of Weapon Specific base damage if you are far away)
  • Revenge - only really worth taking with slow guns (e.g. Rifle, Devastator)
  • Headshot - good for fast guns (SMG / Auto / Looper) because you could save more shots, especially with a lot of Indirect Hits; much less useful if you have any Shrapnel perks or any Death perks (an enemy damaged by those can’t be headshot)

While you could use this to compare Guns, be aware that the numbers for Gemini Laser are under-reported (because it only calculates for 1 projectile and the laser link isn’t modelled) and that the Laser Rifle and the Looper have a head start on Indirect damage, which is also not listed. See also Gun Comparison

Important Note
I haven’t coded in about 2 decades, and have never coded in JavaScript before - so this might not be the most elegant way to do this, but it was the fastest way to get it out and hopefully there are no major bugs :crossed_fingers:t4:

Revision Notes

  • May 18 2023

    • Added Nuclear Lasso and SMG
    • Adjusted Gemini for buff in 2.5
    • Replaced drop downs with text fields, because there are too many permutations to make the drop-down feasible
    • Now there are fixed/relative inputs for all types of damage bonus (Ground, Flying, Ranged, Melee) - can also be used to enter Damage against All enemies bonuses (especially for events)
  • Feb 8 2022

    • Updated calculations for Gemini Laser, Devastator Buff in 1.12
    • Updated Fire/Poison damage to reflect buff in 1.11 and made the input field more user-friendly
  • November 21 2021:

    • Added a +20% option for BattlePass Attack/Speed (from the Super Battle Pass)
    • Added an option for Fixed Melee damage for Prospero’s Level 50 bonus
    • There was no option to input Firebug’s +120 Flying at 60 - fixed
    • Added option to the Level Speed bonus to accommodate Surefire at Level 50
    • Increased entries for Ground Relative to accommodate Surefire at Level 10
  • September 5 2021

    • Added the Devastator
    • Fixed Castle / Event bonus Attack calculation
  • August 10 2021:

    • Added fields for Attack / Speed bonuses for the Tower, Castle/Event 30% attack bonus (was earlier modelled as +1 Big Attack Up), and Speed bonuses (from Level, Skill Tree or Firebug at 50)
    • Added fields for estimates of variable factors: Scorcher’s Stress Shot (Max 140%), Firebug’s Fiery Wings (Max 30%), Berserk (Max 100%) and Sustained Fire (Max 100%)
  • June 11 2021:

    • Realised I needed to accommodate Attack % bonuses (e.g. Firebug at Level 30); rather than have another input for that, replaced inputs Gun Mastery, Hero Attack and Weapon Attack with Loadout Attack
  • June 1 2021:

    • Shows your previous calculation for comparison (also numbers coded green/red if they improve/decline) - so for example if you want to see whether +5% Ground is better than +100 Ground, simulate one, then the other
    • Generates a URL you can bookmark that has your current settings pre-populated (so you don’t have to re-enter everything each time)
    • Plasma Blast is shown
    • Fire and Poison Damage is shown (included in the Total Damage /s), but Flamethrower isn’t