MoneyGrubber First Impressions

Haven’t had much time to test out the Money Grubber yet, but have updated the Gun Comparison entry to include it’s base stats.

Of course the main purpose of the gun is to use it for farming, so rather than the damage the key benefits is the Cash In perk. From this clip, we can see that coins appear before the Boss is killed (and these are not from the spawn), so they are hit-based procs (like Jackbot’s Jackpot) rather than kill-based or room-based

As yet, I haven’t figured out the chances of it proc’ing, or how much coins we get per proc, and whether either of these varies with the rarity of the gun.

In addition to this, starting with chain shots means more opportunities for Jackpot’s Jackbot skill to proc (because there are more hits to clear the room).

So should you get the gun?

  • As of now, it’s hard to say if the expense (in gems) to unlock the gun is worth it in terms of the extra coins it can get you (especially as you will probably not be able to farm your last campaign world with a weaker gun, and even when you use it, it will longer to play your runs than with a more powerful gun)
  • There’s also the issue of loot pool dilution, so if you’re focused on fusing up a few premium items as quickly as possible, you might want to give this a miss.
  • It will be an interesting gun to play with - starting with chain shots make some perks (Shrapnel, and all Elemental perks) more attractive than with other weapons, so if you like to experiment with different play styles rather than get ahead as quickly as possible, you should get it
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