Resource: Shards

Shards are used to unlock and star up heroes as follows:

Stage Shards
Unlocking 10 shards
1 Star 20 shards
2 Star 30 shards
3 Star 40 shards
4 Star 70 shards
5 Star 100 shards

Premium Heroes require 60 shards to unlock because they unlock directly at 2 Stars.
(See this post for explanation of Premium, Open (A and B) and Restricted heroes)

Obtained from:
In Runs:

  • Castles: Kills (Open B heroes) and one-time clear rewards (Armorita, Miasma, Fursus, Scorcher, Hocus Focus)
  • Weekday Daily events: Kills (Open A heroes), max 1 per event
  • Jackbot’s Jackpot: Hits (Open heroes + Restricted heroes you have unlocked already)

Outside Runs:

  • Summon Gates (Open heroes + Restricted heroes you have already unlocked)
  • Banner Summon Gates - current practice is that all include all Open heroes and have a featured hero (double chance if it’s an Open hero, same chance as others for Jackbot or one of the Premium Heroes). But this can change, especially for special promotions
  • BattlePass / Super Battle Pass “Exclusive” rewards: 10 Shards (Arctor, Miasma and Hocus were introduced this way; Fursus, SIMO and Prospero were subsequently offered) on the BP and now the SBP always features 10 shards of a selected hero
  • BattlePass track rewards: Usually 2 Shards
  • Special events (e.g. first Golden Pig even had 10 Miasma, 2nd had 5 Frostina)
  • Login bonuses
  • Promo codes
  • Tower Shop - initially had some Open heroes but currently only feature 3 Premium Heroes (Mrs. Surefire, Shiver, Ignus)
  • Gambit event Shop - usually it’s only coins but the July event has shards