Scrapping guide

Note: Now that there’s an Upgrade Material collection event, and scrapping counts towards it, you should try to collect unwanted equipment and do a bulk scrapping during the collection event.

From time to time the question of scrapping equipment comes up… basically you could either try to maintain everything (slow progress across the board) or focus on some items and try to progress with them faster.

I recommend focusing because at higher rarities (mythical and above) the upgrade cost (materials + coins) makes the upgrade-everything approach unfeasible.

My recommendations on what to focus on and what to scrap:

  • Weapon: (see also Best gun)
    • Focus:: Looper (if you have it), Plasma Cannon and Auto Handgun.
    • Scrap Blaster and Laser Rifle
  • Armour (see also Best Armor)
    • Focus: Elemental Armor / Emergency Shield (if you have them), Ninja Garb and Necroshield suit
  • Premium Gear (see also Best Gear):
    • Primary Focus: Camo Cloak for the left slot, Plaster and/or Shield Generator for the right
    • Secondary Focus: Metal Detector and Sim Chip. Their bonuses only depend on their rarity, so it’s sufficient to fuse them up without upgrading them. However, if you do upgrade them you will be able to use them in tougher levels and play faster, so you should do so if you have coins to spare
  • Regular Gear (again, refer Best gear), only if you don’t have Premium Gear
    • Primary Focus: Iron Sights and Scope
    • Secondary Focus: Explosive Bullets
    • Dum Dum bullets are the least useful, so you could scrap them if you need more materials, else let them be


  • You get less upgrade material if you fuse items before scrapping (e.g. common gives you 10 but uncommon only gives you 20 and rare only 30 etc) so don’t fuse up items unless you are sure you won’t scrap them.
  • To get more upgrade material, it’s useful to take all Hidden Treasures, open the free daily Metal chest and random free rare chests
  • Weapon dungeons are useful for upgrade materials and rainbow material, so you should still play the Blaster and Laser Rifle dungeons even if you are scrapping them

Hi Sifaan

Thank you for the elaborate guide.

Do you know if there is a weapon level after exalted? I saw on Mr Autofire Wiki a mention of a deluxe level after exalted.

The reason why I’m asking is most of my weapons and gear are at exalted and I’m considering scrapping the newly acquired items for them as I don’t need them to fuse any further. That is if there is no further weapon level than exalted of course.


Hi Chugs

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
Yes, deluxe level was introduced recently. The stats, upgrade/coin material requirement pages etc are updated to show them