Why I'm not going to get the Emergency Shell Armour

Update: This post was revised on April 23rd, 2023
This post was originally written when the Emergency Shell launched in Feb 2022. At that time

  1. The devs had just introduced the Deluxe Rarity, and I had a lot of equipment to level up from Exalted - so I didn’t want any further loot pool dilution.
  2. The Shell was inferior to the Necroshield suit in the toughest game modes available (Endless and Tower Tournament)

Since then, the game has evolved a lot, with the introduction of several new game modes, and most recently the Endless events were also rebalanced, which means that the Emergency Shell is now my recommended Armor if you can afford a Premium armor.

The original text is as follows:

TLDR: loot pool dilution``

I have most items at Exalted rarity - all the stuff I use (Looper, Autogun, Plasma, Necro, Ninja, Scope, Iron Sights, Dum Dum and Exploding Bullets) and even some I don’t (Blaster, Laser, Gemini), so I wasn’t too worried about getting the new premium gear - although they dilute the loot pool all my main items were already at exalted level. That’s why I took the Plaster and the Radiation Field even though I’m unlikely to use them (I will use Camo Cloak and Shield Generator for tough runs, and the Metal Detector for farming runs).

But since then LightHeart introduced Deluxe rarity, which means many months’ worth of grinding to fuse up my gear - and I can’t afford to be carrying useless stuff in my inventory.

I’ve written to LH about this problem before but so far there doesn’t seem to be any interest to address it. Actually, an even simpler implementation would be to have a do-not-drop toggle for all the premium items.

If you are considering getting the Emergency Shell, here’s some things to consider:

  • It will be most useful for new players, who have, at best, Legendary armour, and are struggling to clear the 10 campaign worlds. You haven’t spent a lot on upgrading armour and this will give you a boost each time you are hit. But you should also work on your Necro because you’ll need it for end-game.
  • It will still be helpful if you are not yet able to consistently clear Nightmare on Daily events and/or are struggling to complete castles, but at this stage you probably have more investment in your existing armour that will go to waste, which can be a problem when you need a lot of coins for upgrading your weapon and heroes - if you regularly buy the SBP (or at least BP) you might be OK but if you are F2P then just stick with the necro
  • If you’ve passed that stage and play high floors in the tournament and can manage 100+ on Endless events, this armour will not be of much use for you - on 100+ endless you die in 1 hit and at high tournament floors you can take 2 hits/run at best, so the necro is the only useful armour.